Phase Three
June 2018 - present

The situation at the border, and what is happening to families being separated, continues to intensify.  There are nationwide marches and mass organizing going on around these issues. Meanwhile the current administration seems destined to create as much chaos and violence at the border as possible.  

  • We launch HumanHumane Press so that we can print limited-edition prints and partner with other artists and writers on projects that raise money for humanitarian relief efforts at the border. The first project of this fledgling idea is to partner with the artist and writer Anita Endrezze who is based in Washington. An exceptionally amazing human being, with Mayan, Pima and Yaqui roots, she inspired us deeply with her poem 'The Wall' which she granted us permission to include in the Texas show. Commonwealth Press, in Pittsburgh, prints 25 as a limited edition broadside and they are now for sale on our HumanHumane shop on Etsy. All income from sales goes directly towards humanitarian organizations at the border region including Border Angels and RAICES.

  • An appearance in Contemporaneity: Historical Presence in Visual Culture, a scholarly, peer-reviewed online publication edited by graduate students in the Department of History of Art & Architecture at the University of Pittsburgh. In October 2018 were featured in Volume 7 with an article by Nicole Scalissi that highlights our "important work within the emergent context of the Trump administration's destructive border policies, and to reflect on The Other Border Wall Project as a model for connection, collaboration, and change." We are excited to be part of this ongoing conversation. Read the piece in Contemporaneity here.

  • Planning and organizing for next steps and partnerships that are meaningful and impactful. We are working to develop exhibition opportunities for artists affected by the chaos and stress surrounding the border. We have extended the open call Request for Designs indefinitely, and all submissions will be included in the growing archive.

To purchase a print please visit our Etsy shop here.
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The Wall, by Anita Endrezze
Limited edition broadside, printed by Commonwealth Press
23" x 8.25"