During Phase One of this project, when we submitted our original design ideas to Customs and Border Protection in April 2017, our proposal went viral on at least twenty major media outlets. Below are the highlights.

With Phase Two, we will work to create platforms for the public's counter-narratives and critiques about the border wall and seek continued attention for our project, illuminating positive visions for the border region.  

Selected Press for The Other Border Wall Project, Phase Two (2018)
Laredo Morning Times (English)
Laredo Morning Times (Español)
KGNS TV Laredo
Texas Architect Magazine

Selected Press for The Other Border Wall Proposals, Phase One (2017)
The Verge
The Wall Street Journal
CNN Money
The San Diego Union Tribune
The Guardian
The Chicago Tribune
The Verge
Business Insider
The Huffington Post
Next Pittsburgh
Public Radio International
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Alive for Football